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Chael Sonnen already tested since Dana White's anti-TRT rant

Last week, Dana White let loose with a rant comdemning the use of TRT in the UFC. Sonnen revealed that the UFC president has already made good on his promises to increase testing.

Jonathan Ferrey

Leading up to UFC On Fuel TV 7 last week, UFC president Dana White got a lot of attention for his new stance on testosterone replacement therapy in the UFC. Formerly, White had defended TRT. Now he claims it's become a way for fighters to cheat and that the UFC "will test the shit out of" anyone with a TUE.

Tuesday on UFC Tonight, Light Heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen confirmed that White is serious about the additional testing:

First off, I admire Dana on many levels. But for me, this is his crowning moment, both as a leader, but also with his integrity. You are never going to find a chief executive of any corporation, be it sport, business or otherwise that shines a light on his own organization and says, ‘We have a problem.' Guys, we're not talking about testosterone use, we're talking about testosterone abuse. The testing has already started. I can tell you firsthand, I have already been tested since this announcement.

Sonnen is set to face Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 159 on April 27. He was one of the first fighters to bring the controversy of TRT into the spotlight when he failed a post-fight urinalysis with a T:E ration of 16:1. Since that fight, his first Middleweight title shot at UFC 117, he's been granted a TUE in all of his subsequent matches.

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