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UFC 156 results: Demian Maia dominates Jon Fitch

Demian Maia completely dominated Jon Fitch with his grappling and took a unanimous decision win in their UFC 156 welterweight bout.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia was billed as a grappling dream match in MMA, but it turned out to be a total blowout. Maia was all over Fitch from the opening bell and while he was never seriously close to submitting Fitch, it was complete domination from the Brazilian former BJJ world champion. Maia's wrestling in particular was extremely impressive, and it lead him to a unanimous decision victory. All three judges had it 30-27.

Maia took about 0.4 seconds to look for a takedown, and got it within 10 seconds. Maia took his back, but Fitch stood up with Maia still stuck to him. Maia locked up a body triangle and looked for a choke. After almost half a round of not getting the choke from the position, Maia went back to his feet and looked to get him to his back. He hit a nice trip, but Fitch came right up. Maia went back to sitting on his back with the body triangle, but Fitch defended well for the rest of the round.

They started the second with some striking and it was Fitch who landed some kicks and a couple of nice rights. Maia dug right in with a single though, and got it. Fitch got up, but got smothered by Maia again and went back down. Maia worked from Fitch's back against the cage. Maia looked for the choke but couldn't get it under the chin. It continued to be total grappling domination from Demian, but he couldn't really put Fitch in serious danger.

Fitch went for an immediate kick and Maia got a hold of his back once again. Fitch valiantly fought off the takedown, but Maia just overwhelmed him and took back mount against the cage again. Fitch got back up finally, but Maia's relentless wrestling was too much. The out of nowhere, Fitch went for a D'Arce choke and backed Maia up to the point that Fitch got on top. Maia got back up quickly though, and eventually got another takedown of his own. The fight ended with the two men twisted up in an awkward position.

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