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UFC 156 results: Evan Dunham takes split decision over Gleison Tibau

Al Bello

Evan Dunham and Gleison Tibau both brought the heat in their UFC 156 lightweight bout, but it was Dunham who edged out the fight in the end. Each man landed some solid strikes throughout and Tibau got a couple of takedowns, but Dunham's jab and volume striking was the difference overall. The judges had it 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 for Dunham.

Both fighters came to brawl early, with Tibau landing two solid punches. Tibau looked for a front choke, but Dunham rolled through and escaped. Back on the feet the pace wasn't as fast as their came out of the gate with, and Dunham was able to connect a little more over the second half of the round.

Tibau's pace slowed a bit in round two. He was still throwing a nice volume of strikes, but Dunham continued to connect more (minus one solid right by Tibau early). Dunham looked to sap his tank more by grinding away in the clinch against the cage. Dunham's jab and head movement probably won him the middle stanza, but it was close.

Tibau quickly snatched up a guillotine early in the third and tried to fall to his back and lock it up twice, but Dunham escaped. Each man had takedown attempts stuffed. Tibau's tank was just about empty at this point, and Dunham was out-working him. The two fighters threw down to the final bell, with Dunham landing three huge knees.

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