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UFC 156 results: Tyron Woodley knocks out Jay Hieron in 36 seconds


Every fighter that came over from Strikeforce has something to prove, and one of those fighters was Tyron Woodley. After losing a welterweight title bout to Nate Marquardt in his final Strikeforce fight, he had a lot of pressure on him in his UFC debut against Jay Hieron.

And Woodley delivered.

Woodley came out like a beast from the opening bell, charging forward and cracking Hieron with a thunderous right that sent the veteran to the mat, face-first. Hieron was still awake though, so Woodley took his back and landed a bunch of shots to both sides of the head. Hieron rolled to guard, but all that earned him was a bunch of leather on his face. A few right hands robbed Hieron of consciousness in just 36 seconds.

In his post-fight interview, Woodley "declared war on the welterweight division". And with a performance like that, he has every right to.

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