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UFC 156 results: Dustin Kimura scores late submission win over Chico Camus

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dustin Kimura showed off a slick submission game in his UFC debut against Chico Camus, but it wasn't until the third round that he was able to get a finish. Camus spent a lot of the first two rounds on top and fought off Kimura's attacks, but a mistake on a takedown attempt in the final round quickly led to him getting stuck in a Kimura choke. Camus was forced to tap out at the 1:50 mark.

Camus was the one that opened strong, landing a solid right that sent Kimura stumbling over to the cage. He didn't follow up though. Kimura came back with a hard shot of his own, and Camus got a takedown. Kimura attempted to attack from the bottom and used an omoplata to get on top, then took Camus' back. Camus got back on top though, and held on for the rest of the ground.

The second round featured more time on the feet, with neither man getting an advantage over the first two minutes.Kimura started to land his right hand effectively, but wasn't doing a lot of damage. Camus grinded away against the cage for a while in the middle portion of the round, and landed a couple of nice knees. Kimura finally escaped with a minute to go, but got taken down. Kimura looked for an armbar and a triangle, but ran out of time.

Camus looked for a takedown early in the final round, but couldn't get it. Camus looked for another takedown as Kimura came forward, but Kimura ended up on top and in mount. He immediately took the back and sunk a choke. And got the tap.

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