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Video: The Reem, 3.0 - Episode 2

Alistair Overeem will be returning from his year off when he meets Antonio Silva at UFC 156 tonight in Vegas. For those of you that have followed Overeem's career, you probably know that his team has been putting out a documentary surrounding Alistair's life and fighting career for a while now. It's called The Reem, and it's generally viewed as one the slickest MMA video products you'll come across. Well, it's back. The Reem 3.0 debuted last week, and episode two has now popped up online.

This 27-minute video is titled "Blackzilians" and starts off at the last Strikeforce event last month, where Overeem talks with Dion Staring, Gegard Mousasi, and Daniel Cormier. They actually use footage of the Cormier vs. Staring fight, which they would have had to get permission to use. Interesting. The second half of the video focuses on training sessions with his Blackzilian teammates such as Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort. There's also a segment at CFA Fights in Miami, where the camp helps guide Luiz Firmino to a win in the main event of CFA 10. Finally, they show some of Overeem's training and he talks a bit about his fight with Silva.

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