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ONE FC 7 Results & Gifs: Lowen Tynanes chokes out Colossa, continues impressive run

Lowen Tynanes took on Vuyisile Colossa at ONE FC 7, and he continued his tremendous run on the lightweight division by submitting yet another MMA star in the region.

Photo by Alan Sevilla

Result: Lowen Tynanes def. Vuyisille Colossa by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R3

In a highly anticipated lightweight contest, Muay Thai champion, Vuyisile Colossa took on one of the fastest rising prospects in Lowen Tynanes. The Hawaiian fighter in Tynanes is a state wrestling champ and he made his mark by recently stopping Filipino star, Eduard Folayang in the URCC.

Both guys are well rounded, but with both fighters specializing in Muay Thai and Wrestling respectively, it promised for a very exciting stylistic battle.

Right from the get go, Tynanes landed a good takedown, but Colossa stood up immediately and started landing those strong leg kicks that he is known for. Once again Tynanes lands another impressive takedown, and this time he is able to spend longer on top.

As Colossa tried to scramble, he eventually took the back and attempted what looked to be a really deep choke. Colossa was able to defend, but then Lowen beautifully transitioned to an arm triangle immediately after. Colossa once again displayed very good defense as he survived until the round ended.

The second round started much like the first, with Tynanes getting a big double leg takedown. Colossa this time though became more active on the ground, landing elbows from the bottom that cut Tynanes. The doctors checked it up, and restarted them on the feet, where Colossa again landed some hard kicks, and started to get more offense going. Colossa started to gain more momentum, landing some very hard punches and several very good leg kicks as he started to pick apart Tynanes.

On the third round, Tynanes was able to land 2 big takedowns early on, and he followed up with good ground and pound which lasted for most of the round. With 1 minute left on the round, Colossa tried to scramble in an attempt to escape, but Tynanes only got the back and lock in yet another deep rear naked choke attempt. This time Tynanes got the submission finish. He was tested on this bout, but it was yet another impressive performance for Tynanes. This young wrestler is really one to watch, and he looks to have a really bright future ahead of him.

Here are gifs courtesy of Zombie Prophet:





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