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ONE FC 7 Results and Gifs: Jian Kai Chee, Melvin Yeoh Advance on Malaysian FW National Championship Tourney

ONE FC 7 Gifs and Results: Two men have advanced to the finals of the Malaysian Featherweight National Championship Tourney as Melvin Yeoh and Jian Kai Chee have beaten their opponents in the first round.

ONE FC 7 had the semifinals of the promotion's ONE FC Malaysian Featherweight National Championship Tournament, and two men have advanced to the finals.

Result: Jian Kai Chee def. AJ Vaa by Decision (Unanimous)

Jian Kai Chee and AJ Vaa (Lias Mansor) faced off as the first bout from the tournament to determine the best Featherweight in the country. AJ is a Silat fighter, and a well rounded fighter training with the Team Buffet guys, Mark Striegl and Will Chope, while Chee is a Muay Thai based fighter, who is more known for knocking down Ole Laursen in their Martial Combat bout.

AJ shot for the takedown and got mount very early in the fight, and after landing a few shots, Chee was able to scramble back up. Mansor got several more takedowns against Chee, and for the most part, it was AJ controlling the fight from top position. Mansor had mount, and a guillotine attempt during the later parts of the round, and while it wasn't enough to finish Chee, he definitely dominated the first round.

The second round was more of the same, with AJ getting a takedown, but he wasn't able to deal much damage. This looked to have tired Mansor a bit, and Chee was able to have success landing a few leg kicks and knees standing and on the clinch.

During the third, Chee looked to capitalize with Mansor seemed to have been fading, landing more knees and more kicks from distance. The tide started to shift, and Chee continued firing leg kicks to slow down his opponent. He landed a few body kicks and soccer kicks as the third ended. Overall it was a close fight, but Chee did enough to earn him the decision and advance to the finals.

Here are the gifs, courtesy of BE's Zombie Prophet:



Result: Melvin Yeoh def. Raymond Tiew by Submission (Triangle), R2

On the opposite side of the bracket, Melvin Yeoh took on Raymond Tiew, and after an early belly to belly suplex from Tiew, it eventually turned into an entertaining slug fest from the clinch position. Both men landed with knees and elbows from in close, but it was Melvin landing more takedowns during the first round.

The second round looked to have both men fighting on a more controlled pace, but the action still went back and forth, with both Yeoh and Tiew landing a decent amount of kicks. After a takedown from Tiew, Yeoh took advantage by locking in a triangle choke for the finish. Yeoh lived up to the hype, and he now advances to the tournament final, where he will face Jian Kai Chee on a future event.

Here are gifs of the action: