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UFC 157: Dan Henderson feels that Anderson Silva has been manipulating the UFC

UFC light heavyweight contender, Dan Henderson, talks about Anderson Silva choosing his opponents and manipulating the UFC in this video interview.

Image courtesy of Esther Lin
Image courtesy of Esther Lin

Amid the hullaballoo of former Olympian, Ronda Rousey's UFC debut this Saturday night at UFC 157, another former Olympian is preparing to do battle in the co-main event. Dan Henderson's bout with Lyoto Machida has very noticeably been flying under the radar, and was especially evident at a press conference held last week. MMA Interviews got a great video with Hendo, where he discussed how he feels Anderson Silva has been manipulating the UFC and choosing his opponents. Here's the transcription of a very interesting nugget:

I think Anderson, for the last five years, has tried, tried to pick and choose who he fights and manipulates the UFC a little bit. You know, he didn't want to fight Chael again, after the first time. Obviously, he did after a while. You know he didn't want to fight me again. He kind of tries to stay away from guys that are dangerous or have a dangerous style for him, especially because he's looking toward the end of his career and he wants to retire without losing again. It's not necessarily how a champ should be, but at the same time, he's trying to be smart about things. It's all debatable.

He's probably the only guy I would drop for, but I think that I'm very comfortable at 205, and there's plenty of guys for me to fight there. We'll see what happens in the future, but yeah, I don't plan on losing it at 205 at all.

I would like to see Luke Rockhold fight Anderson. I'd like to see that fight. Luke's a good wrestler and he's decent enough on his feet where he's not going to get picked apart by Anderson without really making Anderson know that he's in a fight.

Here's the video:

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