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Coach Mike Riordan explains the situation with Olympic Wrestling to Kid Nate

Mike Riordan and Kid Nate discuss the IOC vote that booted wrestling from the 2020 Olympics, what may happen and how FILA got their sport into this terrible position.

I'm back with another installment of the MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse. Bloody Elbow's own in-house wrestling expert Coach Michael Riordan joins me for this edition to discuss the shocking IOC executive board vote to boot wrestling out of the 2020 Olympic games.

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Topics discussed include:

* What exactly happened, who exactly voted to make this decision and what may have motivated their decision-making process.

* How this situation can be resolved, upcoming meetings of the full IOC and which countries may play a role in possibly reversing the situation.

* The on-going conflict between the IOC and FILA and FILA's stubborn refusal to adapt to changing circumstances.

* The jacked-up rule set adopted by FILA in the past decade in a misguided attempt to make the sport more TV friendly.

* What fans can do to help get Wrestling back in the Olympics.

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