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UFC on Fuel 7 results: Matt Riddle outwrestles Che Mills, takes decision

Matt Riddle picked up a split decision win over Che Mills in the opening main card bout of UFC on Fuel 7. It should have been a unanimous decision win though.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Riddle said that he might just take Che Mills down and lay on him for 15 minutes. He wasn't far off with that prediction. Riddle used tenacious grappling and a bevy of takedowns to take a unanimous decision in the opening main card bout on UFC on Fuel 7. Mills tried valiantly to fight him off, but he gave up a couple of takedowns in every round and that was the difference. Surprisingly it was a split decision, but Riddle got the win. The scores were 29-28 Riddle, 29-28 Mills (LOL), and 30-27 Riddle.

Riddle scooped a single leg early in the first and took a full 90 seconds to finally get it to the ground. Mills popped up quickly though, and they grappled against the cage for a while. After another quick takedown and pop-up, the fighters exchanged combinations in the middle of the cage for a bit before Riddle went back to his wrestling for the rest of the round.

Riddle went right back to the single leg in the second. Mills tried what could only be described as an enziguri kick, but it just let Riddle take him down and go to side control. He eventually advanced to mount, then ended up in back mount against the cage, hunting for a choke. He finished the round back on top in mount, landing short punches.

Riddle actually engaged Mills in some striking early in the third, but it didn't last long before he went back to grappling. Mills did a better job of stuffing takedowns, but Riddle was relentless and finally got it. Mills finally got a reversal with a minute to go and let Riddle up, but he wasted some time doing it. Riddle then just grappled away the rest of the time on the clock.