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Knuckle Up 483: Eugene S. Robinson talks UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, TRT, Randy Couture and more

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In this installment of Knuckle Up, host Eugene S. Robinson nut jumps on Joe Silva's great skills, the TRT boondoggle, the IOC idiocy and Randy and how he gave and he gave without taking, but we sent him away.

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EUGENE S. ROBINSON, host of KNUCKLE UP, international author of great renown, star of stage and screen, and back off of his world wind tour of fight clubs and houses of ill repute all over Europe in this ROUND #483 entertains walk-ons by the coach who cast him off of the island LEOPOLDO SERAO, only to have him invite him back ON the island and dish on SILVA v. VELASQUEZ, DOS SANTOS v. OVEREEM, his counter-take that OVEREEM-SILVA was not a work, and his casual commentary on cowardice and the sex lives of sport's celebrities. Add to this the fact that this is the VERY FIRST MMA SHOW TO BE FILMED WHILE NOT ONLY DRIVING BUT SPEEDING: DUIMMA, baby, the Olympics Wrestling kerfuffle and his singing. Yes. How could we forget THAT?

This show will give you a reason to live. Or not. And if not? Can we have your iPhone?

Or the rims on your car? Those are sweet, brah.

Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], as well as A LONG SLOW SCREW has a play that's going to be published by SOUTHERN this year. While he suspects you all don't/won't read a play about deviant sex he just thought he should mention it. It'll be much better than The Lion King.

Bank on it.

KNUCKLE UP! [Free t-shirts to anyone caught on video screaming this while they're being arrested!!!]

It's a sunny ride through a shady place. Enjoy.

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