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Bas Rutten: 'Machida doesn't have a lot of weapons'

Bas Rutten talks about his love for Dan Henderson as a fighter and Lyoto Machida's shortcomings ahead of their meeting at UFC 157.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

For as hung up as MMA fans get on his general level of awesomeness or shouting of "liver shot," Bas Rutten is one of the few guys in his role who seems willing to speak completely honestly about what he thinks of fighters. Bas talked at length several times before Bigfoot knocked out Overeem about how Overeem has a "glass jaw" and, despite getting some heat from fans, was ultimately able to gloat in the wake of that fight.

Bas spoke to MMA Interviews and, aside from again talking about the Overeem loss, dropped a little more lightly controversial thoughts on a top level fighter:

Dan is the man's man. Like any guy on the planet, they love Dan because Dan's got a lot of heart and he always comes to fight. I always get emotional because he's really that guy. And that's why I want to see him win, and I think that Dan has really the chance because he knows when he lands the 'H-bomb' everybody knows's gonna be goodnight. And I know Machida...I'm gonna get a lot of heat now...Machida doesn't have a lot of weapons, but whatever he does, he does REALLY well. He's got great distance, he got great accuracy but his attack is always the same. It's a cross-hook, a cross, or a kick and a cross. And when you push him he always moves to the same side. So if Dan would look at that and just bullrushes him, he knows he's gonna end him up *points* there. Just throw a big hand there and that could stop him.

Taking the opposite stance from Bas, Jon Jones was recently asked who he was taking in the fight:

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