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Ben Henderson says he hopes Eddie Alvarez makes it to the UFC

Ben Henderson tells fans that he is hopeful that Eddie Alvarez will make it to the UFC as he would up the level of competition in the lightweight division.

Ben Henderson is set to face the last man to hold the Strikeforce lightweight championship when he fights Gilbert Melendez in the main event of April's UFC on Fox. But 'Bendo' was asked about another former champion at a recent fan question and answer session.

Here's how Henderson responded to a question about wanting Eddie Alvarez to make the move to the big show (transcription via MMA Mania):

"I hope Eddie makes it to the UFC," said Henderson during a recent fighter Q&A. "It would be great to have him over, he's a tough fighter. I'm a pretty big fan of Eddie, I love his fighting style. He's a great fighter, a ex-world champion, he's awesome. He would definitely up the level of competition. As a fighter, you want to face the best. The better fighters we have in the UFC, the better it is."

Alvarez is, of course, tangled up in a legal battle with Bellator. Following the UFC making Alvarez an offer following the completion of his Bellator deal, Bellator used their right to "match" any offer by meeting the same terms the UFC had offered. Alvarez and team have been fighting that move by Bellator, claiming that they're not actually able to match the UFC's deal as the UFC was giving him a percentage of pay-per-view sales while Bellator does not conduct PPVs, among other issues.