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Michael Bisping talks rumors of Vitor Belfort failing drug test, Brazil commission says tests aren't back yet

Rumors of UFC on FX 7 main eventer Vitor Belfort failing a post-fight drug test have been shot down by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission.

Chris Trotman

In the MMA world, as in most sports, rumors spread like wildfire. Especially when the rumor involves an athlete allegedly failing a drug test. This time, the rumor involves a main event fighter at UFC on FX 7 - Vitor Belfort. Belfort defeated Michael Bisping by TKO in their bout, and Bisping tweeted last night about the rumors of Belfort failing a test:

The new Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission says that there's nothing to report yet though, because the tests haven't even come back (via Tatame):

"This is nothing but the same rumor, we don't have the results yet, they have not come out. All fighters who took the test are subject to it, but the agency that works in partnership with us has not yet finalized the results. The two main event fighters always take the test, then two more fighters on the preliminary card and two of the main. There are six athletes tested, but none of them ever had the test results confirmed and finalized yet," explained Tannure.

The doctor's prediction is that the agency, which has the name withheld by him, won't release the results of drug tests from UFC Sao Paulo until the 19th of February, a month after the event."

So as of right now, this is still sitting in the rumor stage and we'll find out more later in the month.

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