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"Victory Athletics" Focus Mitts Review

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These mitts are meant for entry-level fighters, but do they go above and beyond their advertisement or are they better left unused?

"Victory Athletics" Focus Mitts
"Victory Athletics" Focus Mitts

A striking coach is only as good as his focus mitts, the litmus test of strength, agility, and speed when it comes to throwing punches. Anyone can hit a bag, but it takes skill to think on your feet and work the mitts. New York based manufacturer, "Golden Gear",  just released a new pair of focus mitts from their "Victory Athletics" line on the market, and we got our hands on them (literally).

Coming in a dark grey and red palette, these lightweight focus mitts are handmade and are just as good for the person hitting them as they are for the person holding them. The pads feature a natural curve instead of being flat, to better absorb punches, and have a very firm but pliable material inside to disperse the energy from the blows.

The insides feature an ultra-soft fabric lining that is pretty comfortable on the hands, and features a very secure design to protect the holder's hands and wrists. First, a closure over where the fingers come out helps keeps those secure in case of punches pushing them backwards, while a hook-and-loop zelcro closure snugly ensures that the holder will not have to worry about the pads flying out of their hands after a hard punch. Lastly, a bit of padding goes where the palm goes to give more comfort for the holder, as well as better shock absorption. These features mean not only security for the holder, but also comfort, not just on the hands, but as well as pressure on the elbows from having to hold the mitts during long rounds.

None of the testers had any issues with punching the mitts, nor did the people who held the mitts. Despite being full-sized focus mitts, the reviewers noted how lightweight yet durable the mitts were, meaning they could feed either speedy combos or hold for heavy hitters. The pads absorbed the shock well, and the people hitting them enjoyed the snap back from it and the firmness that had the right bit of leeway so that it did not hurt their hands. Kicking was not too bad either, especially thanks to that flap the covers the fingers, although I would not recommend kicking these hard and instead opting for speed if you do choose to throw some legs in your mitt combos. Overall, for a pair of pads that are meant for entry-level students, they held up very well against seasoned competitors who showed the mitts no mercy.

The concept behind the items at Victory Athletics is great products for prices that do not break the bank, and at $60 for a high-quality pair of focus mitts like this, the brand is living up to their motto. This is a pretty durable pair of focus mitts for a good price that has some great features that make it definitely worth the cost.

You can order a pair of the Victory Athletic Focus Mitts on the Golden Gear website (Victory's parent company) for $60, and is the perfect price-point for these pads. A solid purchase for students or coaches that will last them a good amount of time, as well as being a pair of mitts that will survive some serious use.