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Full fight video: Flyweight prospect Nick Urso vs Jesus Urbina at Fresquez Productions 'Havoc'

Flyweight prospect Nick Urso beat Jesus Urbina via TKO but things got weird after the referee stopped the fight and Urbina thought it should keep going.

Bloody Elbow's Ari LeVaux was at "Fresquez Productions - Havoc" on Friday night and captured Flyweight prospect Nick Urso's quick TKO win over Jesus Urbina.

Here's Ari's description:

"I captured a funny/weird moment when Nick Urso's opponent jumped up so quickly and protested after the TKO stoppage that the ref didn't seem to know what to do. Urso, who is likely UFC bound, I'd guess, was like "lets run it back right now, hommie." Then the ref was really confused.

"The room filled with boos, but you couldn't tell who they were booing for: the quick stoppage, the protest, or simply the missed opportunity to see more violence. Meanwhile, the cage door did not open. After a few awkward minutes of the three of them arguing in the cage, the ref lined them up and declared Urso the winner."

You can also watch it on YouTube if you have issues with the video player.