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UFC Fight Night 33 results: Winners and Losers

Check out the real winners and losers from Friday night's UFC Brisbane event.

Bradley Kanaris

UFC Fight Night 33 went down last night in Bribane, Australia and was capped off by an instant FOTY candidate. Heavyweight Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva battled for 25 minutes inside the Octagon in a true war of attrition that ended in a majority draw.  Take a look at what the fight meant for those two and who the real winners and losers are from the event.


Mark Hunt - The Super Samoan has been an underdog in almost every single one of his UFC fights. Once again, heading into his bout against Bigfoot Silva, he was not favored to win. Despite the odds, he did everything he could to make it happen. After 5 rounds, the fight ended in a majority draw that shouldn't leave either man like they lost

Antonio Silva - In the same vein as Hunt, Silva has nothing to be disappointed by in his performance Friday night. Coming off a second definitive loss the champion Cain Velaquez, Silva needed a good performance here and he got it. Despite not getting the W, a FOTY candidate will raise his stock in the eyes of fans and the UFC brass.

Mauricio Rua - Prior to Friday night there was a lot of of talk about Shogun's future in the sport, and most of it was negative. Most fans and pundits thought he'd fallen too far and it might be time to hang up his gloves. Rua came out and completely dominated Te Huna in their fight and instantly won back the fan support he's enjoyed throughout his long career. He'll probably never contender again, but he proved he still has a place in the Octagon.

Alex Garcia - an absolutely devastating performance in the curtain-jerker. Garcia was never in any trouble and showed brutal power as he quickly dispatched of Ben Wall, that's the kind of performance fighters dream of for their UFC debut.


James Te Huna - coming off a loss to the next Light Heavyweight contender, this was Te Huna's opportunity to show he still belongs at the top of the division. He fell far short of that mark and his next fight will see a big drop in both strength of competition and divisional relevance.

Pat Barry -  no fan of "HD" ever had delusions of future contendership for the striker, but that wasn't really the point. He's an exciting fighter with a ton of personality that could win or lose in devastating fashion. Friday night was no different, but once again Barry was on the wrong side of the KO loss and it was against exactly the level of competition he should be able to beat. After losing to Palelei and dropping to 5-7 in the UFC, it's questionable if Barry will even get another fight in the Octagon.

Julie Kedzie - having fought since 2004, Kedzie is one of the pioneers of WMMA. Her 2012 fight against Miesha Tate was an instant classic, but like with her most recent fight she couldn't pull off the win. She's now on a 4-fight losing streak and it's hard to argue with her decision to retire after losing to Bethe Correia.

Nam Phan - the TUF 12 veteran was probably known best at Featherweight for the brutal beatings he took at the hands of Dennis Siver and Jim Hettes. His loss to Takeya Mizugaki was by no means as devastating and he even took the third round on two judges' cards. However, he was still slower and less effective against the Japanese fighter from the start and has now dropped to 2-5 in the UFC.