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Did Chris Weidman's corner say 'Good, f**k him' after seeing Anderson Silva's broken leg at UFC 168?

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Listen to the red corner audio from Saturday's UFC 168 main event where the champ's camp had some choice words for the fallen foe.

While many predicted a victory for Middleweight champion Chris Weidman going into UFC 168, no one expected the fight to play out like it did. After giving up the first round to Weidman, Anderson Silva went for a low kick against the champ. Weidman employed a kick check he calls "The Destruction" and we saw Silva's leg wrap itself a Weidman's. With Silva's tibia and fibula broken, the fight was called a TKO in favor of Weidman.

While most showed concern for Silva's injury, the video above shows a different reaction from the coach's in Weidman's corner. After seeing that Anderson's leg had snapped, one person appears to be saying "Good, fuck him. Good".

This is the second time Weidman's been brought up for post-fight commentary. Immediately after knocking out Anderson at UFC 162 and winning the 185 lb. title Weidman can be heard calling Silva a "disrespectful piece of shit."