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Chris Weidman on ending UFC 168 using 'The Destruction'

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Following his victory over Anderson Silva at UFC 168, middleweight champion Chris Weidman talks about the technique that left Silva with a broken left leg

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The ending of UFC 168's main event could be described as surprising. It could also be called somewhat shocking, but don't you dare call it an accident or a fluke according to the victor, Chris Weidman.

In case you missed it, UFC middleweight champion, Weidman successfully defended his title on Saturday night against former champion Anderson Silva. The end of the fight came at the 1:16 mark of the second round after a checked leg kick left Silva writhing on the mat with a very broken left leg.

According to Weidman, who spoke at the post-fight press conference, the biggest takeaway from his first meeting with Silva was that he did not do a very good job dealing with the leg kicks that Silva threw during that July 6 contest. Yes, Weidman defeated Silva on that night, earning a knockout at 1:18 of Round 2, but he and his camp knew that they needed to shore up his defense to Silva's kicks heading into the rematch.

Weidman had the following to say about the technique that ended his first title defense with a victory, "The most important thing we focused on for this fight camp was stopping those leg kicks. So, (head trainer) Ray Longo, he's actually broke a guy's leg using what he calls ‘The Destruction', which is knee on shin.

I've done it a couple times in sparring, and guys take about a minute off and walk around and they're okay, but it least it stops them from kicking you. To break someone's leg, I've never done that before."

According to Weidman, he knew exactly what "the destruction" could do when he used it to check Silva's kicks, "100 percent. I didn't want him to feel comfortable kicking me all night. If I don't put the knee on his shin then he's going to kick me, and it's going to hurt me. That's how you check a kick."

As anyone that saw the fight or images of the injury can attest the technique was devastatingly effective, leaving Silva with a broken fibula and tibia. Silva underwent surgery immediately after the fight, and according to a press release from the UFC, had a rod inserted into his tibia, while his fibula was stabilized and did not require additional surgery.

The UFC also said that recovery time for injuries like the one suffered by Silva is usually in the three to six month range.

For those that say Weidman got lucky or that the win was nothing more than an accident, the defending champion offered the following, "I don't think it was accidental when you check a kick and it works."

As for how the fight ended Weidman said that when he raised his hands in victory what ran threw his head was, "It's over. I won. It's awesome. Then I'm like, ‘oh he broke his leg', and I feel bad for him."

The successful title defense extended Weidman's unbeaten streak to 11 straight. Seven of those victories have come with the UFC. All indications are that the 11-0 Weidman's next title defense will come against Vitor Belfort at an as yet undisclosed date and venue.