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UFC 168 results: Robbie Peralta knocks out Estevan Payan just 12 seconds into round 3

It took him a while to get warmed up, but Peralta took out Payan just 12 seconds into the third round.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The Featherweight fight between Estevan Payan and Robbie Peralta kicked off the UFC 168 action on the Facebook preliminary card. After slow action in the first two rounds. Peralta came out in the third swinging wildly and picked up the TKO victory.

Peralta came in winging hooks in the first exchange to close the distance and score a takedown into half-guard. Payan returned to his feet, but quickly gave up another takedown. He scored a sweep from bottom and got into side control. Peralta got back to his feet in the closing seconds of the round. A lot of short strikes from Peralta in top position, but not much big damage from either man in the first.

Peralta throwing a lot of hooks from his hips, but keeps eating as many as he lands for being so wild. Payan hit a takedown from the clinch straight into side control. Payan stood up and Peralta rolled backward to regain his own feet. The round ended with Peralta controlling the clinch.

Peralta came out swinging again in the final round. This time he found a home for his wild hooks and put Payan down with a couple heavy left hands.

Robbie Peralta TKO's Estevan Payan at 0:12 of round 3