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Michael Bisping: Never getting the chance to fight Anderson Silva would be 'tragic'

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UFC middleweight Michael Bisping does not want to be an old man talking about the UFC saying he never got to fight Anderson Silva

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

By most standards, Michael Bisping has had a successful career in mixed martial arts. He entered the UFC with a record of 10-0, and today his career record stands at 23-5. He's been a perennial top ten fighter in the middleweight division, and his name is the one that most 185-pounders call out when they are ready to make a run to the top of the middleweight division.

If the 34-year old Bisping retired today, he could do so with his head held high knowing that he gave his best inside the Octagon. However, if he did hang up his four-ounce gloves without taking another fight, he would do so with one regret, "Anderson Silva is going to go down as one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.," Bisping recently said. "He's going to be like a Muhammad Ali. He's going to be a legend, simple as that. To be competing alongside Anderson Silva for so long, and not get to fight him would be tragic."

On three occasions Bisping was one win away from fighting Silva, but he came up on the losing end of those fights, getting knocked out by Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort and dropping a decision to Chael Sonnen. All three of those losses came while Silva held the UFC middleweight title.

There's still a chance that the two fighters will cross paths, but the window of opportunity is closing for that fight. If Bisping and Silva never meet, it will be something that Bisping will seemingly lament for the rest of his days, "I don't want to be an old man talking about the UFC saying I never got to fight Anderson."