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'Golden Gear' Pro Sparring Boxing Gloves Review

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A pair of high-end and handmade boxing gloves might be the perfect late holiday gift - check out our review of the the “Golden Gear” Pro Sparring Boxing Gloves!

“Golden Gear” Pro Sparring Boxing Gloves
“Golden Gear” Pro Sparring Boxing Gloves

Do you like punching things, but hate those horrible cuts and bruises that come on your knuckles after? What about those sore wrists and fatigued hands? Well, have I got the perfect thing for you - boxing gloves! Awful jokes aside, today we are looking at a pair of high-end boxing gloves from New York based manufacturer, "Golden Gear", specifically their Pro Sparring boxing gloves.

These gloves, adorned with the Golden Gear Phoenix on them, are available only in black, and come in either 14 oz. or 16 oz. sizes, and are designed for the serious fight student. These handcrafted leather gloves are designed for use by boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA fighters. The padding is a foam complex that is firm and pliable, as opposed to many other stiffer gloves. This means more comfort on the inside, as well as a bit more to your opponent, especially with the smooth texture on the outside. That was the first thing I noticed with these gloves was that they were less rough than some other gloves I have purchased, and thankfully that does not affect any impact absorption for you or the person receiving the punches. It also keeps the logo very nicely attached to the gloves, and should keep it looking pretty for a long time.

The hook and loop closure system offers good wrist support, although the design of it makes it appear like it is adjustable when it is not. Despite that, it still fits onto your wrists nice and tight, especially with hand-wraps on, and will surely keep your hands in good shape after long rounds of working the heavy bag. The gloves feel great when punching, whether it's focus mitts, a heavy bag, or another person.

Another great feature on these gloves is the vented palm design, which is a net covering the palm which does a few different things. The most important one is that it ventilates the air and sweat inside your hands, another element that strengthens the longevity of this product. The net on the outside also gives you a bit of a grip when you put people in Thai clinches, especially if they have a sweaty neck. Additionally, there is a bar on the palm by where the fingers curl, which lets the person wearing it tighten their hands around that for better security of their hands when throwing punches. You do not get that on too many gloves marketed towards MMA people, and it's a very useful item to have.

Unfortunately, there is one down side to these gloves, and that would be the price. These bad boys will set you back $125, which is a ton of money for a single pair of gloves. We have reviewed other gloves on this site that were in this high-end price range, including ones from Thailand, although none were quite as expensive as this. When compared to those other brands, I can not see much of a reason for them being priced as high as they were.

Overall, our testers loved the gloves and found few qualms with them other than the price tag. When it came time to ask if they would buy a pair for themselves at that $125 price tag, they all declined. If it was cheaper, they agreed it would be much more realistic for them. I could see myself gladly paying $80-100 for a pair of these gloves, but anything more than that is too much, even with how much I liked the gloves.

I suggest you keep an eye on the official Golden Gear site or affiliates and wait for a sale, then pick them up. They are a sturdy pair of gloves that will last you a long time and are definitely meant with the serious student or fighter in mind, so if you are going in that direction, they are worth picking up now. If not, wait a bit for a price drop and then nab them before they run out of stock.

UPDATE: The owner of the site has temporarily dropped the price of the item to $90 after reading review, so go grab yourself a pair while you can. Offer will expire on December 31, 2013.