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UFC on Fox 9 post-event bonuses handed out to Johnson, Faber, Barboza, and Castillo

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It was a great night of fights in Sacramento, CA, and four fighters from tonight's UFC on Fox 9 came away with well deserved $50,000 bonuses.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another great UFC on Fox event. We only had 3 finishes out of 11 fights but the quality of virtually every bout was high level and entertaining in some order. There is the matter of post-fight bonuses to hand out following a wild night of action, and here are your four winners:

Each bonus winner received what is now the customary $50,000.

Here are a few facts for each recipient:

  • If you told me Johnson/Benavidez would end in a KO, I'd have logically sided with Benavidez. This was Johnson's first KO win since 2010 when he stopped Jesse Brock with a head kick. It's his first straight KO via punch since his pro debut in 2007. Mighty Mouse's win tonight marked Benavidez's first stoppage loss of any sort.
  • Since edging out Benavidez to win the inaugural title, Johnson has won a bonus in all of his title defenses - FOTN against John Dodson, SOTN against John Moraga, and KOTN tonight.
  • This is Faber's 5th SOTN bonus dating back to his days as the WEC featherweight champion. Seven of his last eight victories have come by submission, with all of those submissions either rear-naked chokes or guillotine chokes. It was also the only submission of the entire card, so he'd have won the award by default.
  • Barboza has just 7 fights in the UFC but 4 FOTN bonuses as of tonight.
  • It was a tough break for Castillo, who nearly finished Barboza in the opening round and probably should've had a draw if more than one judge had scored the 1st a 10-8, but we'll discuss that tomorrow. He's never had a reputation as an exciting fighter, nor does he have many highlight reel finishes, but in defeat he did finally record his first post-fight bonus in either the WEC or UFC.

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