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MMA Tete-A-Tete: GSP vacates his UFC title, what does it all mean?

Kid Nate and Zane Simon of react to the shocking news that Georges St-Pierre has walked away from his UFC Welterweight title.

UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre announced today that he is vacating his title and taking an indefinite leave of absence from mixed martial arts.


Being men of action, Kid Nate and Zane Simon immediately plugged in their web cams and got to gum flapping in a special new edition of MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse. This is Zane's first time on the show, please be gentle. Remember to subscribe to MMA Nation on YouTube and you'll never miss an episode.

If you have problems with our player, watch it on YouTube.

Topics covered include:

1.) How does this affect GSP's Legacy. Is his legacy greater than Anderson Silva's?

2.) Why is he stepping away, is it personal, physical, or mental? Did Dana push him to retire by demanding he make a decision?

3.) The UFC is putting on Lawler vs. Hendricks. Does that fight make sense (does Lawler deserve the shot) and can they hope to replace GSP?

4.) Assuming Hendricks wins (or even if he doesn't) can the next champion ever hope to fill GSP's shoes or will he be insta-tarnished for not beating GSP.

5.) What's our favorite GSP moment?

6.) What happens with all of GSP's commercials and sponsorships. Do they just vanish now?

7.) Is he coming back ever? If so, when?


In case you missed it, here's audio of the call with GSP and Dana White fielding questions from the MMA Media.