WMMA December Week 1 Recap - Nakamoto Falls to Injury, Kedzie Retires, Holm wants six-figures

Here we go…

Invicta FC 7:

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Barb Honchak (c) def. Leslie Smith by unaimous decision to retain the flyweight title
Lauren Murphy def. Miriam Nakamoto by TKO (knee injury) 0:23 round 4 to win the initial bantamweight title
Tecia Torres def. Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (115)
Joanne Calderwood def. Katja Kankaanpaa by unanimous decision (115)
Julia Budd def. Charmaine Tweet by unanimous decision (145)
Vanessa Porto def. Zoila Gurgel by split decision (125)
Tonya Evinger def. Sarah D’Alelio by unanimous decision (135)
Nina Ansaroff def. Munah Holland by TKO 3:54 round 2 (125)

Ansaroff got the only real finish of the night, which won her knockout of the night. Honchak and Smith was given fight of the night, and no submissions occured.

All in all, it was a decent card (I give it about a C+), decision heavy, but definitely not boring.

If you want to read a much more in depth, lengthy as hell "analysis" check out my website… I’d normally just post it here, but it’d be way too long. Fair warning.

Leslie Smith and Barb Honchak’s grappling exchanges

Honchak Takes Smith's back from over/under

Honchak gets the over under grip (right arm under armpit, and left arm over Smith’s left arm) hits a shoulder roll, into a body triangle back take. Beautiful stuff… note how Honchak throws her legs in the air, so Smith falls between them (oh yes) and then almost immediately has her legs clamped on Smith’s mid section to prevent escape. Smith has an excellent understanding of the ground game, and is already on her side preventing a full locked in body triangle.

Barb Honchak takes Smith down across the cage

Honchak shoots right when Smith goes for the inside leg kick, continuing to drive, and make sure she gets her down with a leg trip, using her right foot… however

Leslie Smith reverses the Barb Honchak takedown with an omoplata sweep

…that takedown led to Leslie immediately working for an omoplata. Honchak tries to defend with knee on belly, but Smith pushes her knee back to the mat. Smith proceeds to posture on her left fore arm to hand and kind of over hooks Honchak’s right leg, tossing her over, completing the sweep. This was the highlight of the fight for me, even though Smith lost.


Holly Holm def. Angela Hayes via unanimous decision

Not much to say here. Facing girls just to keep Holm’s name fresh and hot is smar, but without a finish, this didn’t raise her stock too much. Still, now she is 6-0, and just to get an idea of Holm’s star power, she was one of the top stories on Yahoo! Sports on Monday.

Holly Holm’s manager, Lenny Fresquez:

"We’re looking for six figures," he said of what kind of contract it would take to bring Holm to the UFC. "There’s not too many fighters that make six figures. Right now Holly earns probably more than 80 percent of the male fighters in the UFC, and probably earns more than 98 percent of the female fighters… The UFC doesn’t have but maybe five girls that could really give Holly competition."

"At the post fight press conference, Fresquez Promotions announced Brazilian flyweight Julie Werner (7-3) has verbally committed to fight Holm for the promotion’s bantamweight title in March in Albuquerque." via Wombat Sports

A step up in competition against a girl, who looks good on paper (5 straight wins), but is beatable… but I’m sure Team Holm already knows this.

Check out the fight around the 1:41:23 mark

Agnieszka Niedzwiedz def. Kerry Hughes by unanimous decision(135)

Niedzwiedz said she wanted to test out her striking, and she was successful in victory. She still has a lot of growing to do, but her progress is impressive. Only doing MMA for around a year, she has very high ceiling. I liked that she was trying to use head movement, parrying and footwork, instead of just the block, hands up style of striking. Let me remind you, she’s barely legal (18).


Talita Nogueira submitted Michele Oliveira by arm triangle choke in round 1

One of the few newcomers at Cyborgweight (aka 145lbs) worth following. No footage. From the fight footage I’ve seen of her, though, she isn’t very athletic, but as her illustrious BJJ background points too, her MMA grappling is quite good as well. She still has lots of work to do. But it is featherweight, where she’s already ranked as a top 15 fighter.


Bethe Correia def. Julie Kedzie via split decision.

It was a pretty close fight, but as a whole and round by round I had it for Correia. Rounds 1 and 3. Heard some boo’s with the Correia decision, but not too many. I really hope in the future our sport has more rounds. Boxing has up to twelve 3 minute rounds (36 minutes) while MMA only has five 5 minute rounds (25 minutes). Adding two more rounds, it’d still have 1 minute less than boxing. And have 3 rounders into 5 rounders.

The 1st round was the closest and in most kickboxing matches it would have been scored 10-10. Close fights like this there’s always gonna be boo’s, which sucks, but there’s no way I could have picked Kedzie. Going on the kickboxing scoring as this was largely a kickboxing fight, we’d have probably saw an extension round (and how fucking sick would that be?) Very interesting that the judge that gave it too Kedzie (Peter Hickmont) gave Kedzie round 3 and not round 1.

It really sucks Kedzie has to retire, she would have beat Modaferri, and Morgan probably. And has plenty of fun fights still available. She didn’t look "old" or fight like someone who should retire, but nonetheless, she is gone. A true veteran of the sport.

In my opinion Julie Kedzie’s two most memorable fights. We’ll probably see her back in the Invicta broadcasting team and other MMA adventures.

Gina Carano vs Julie Kedzie

Miesha Tate vs. Julie Kedzie

Worth postponing an episode of CSI: City to watch these two fights.


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