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TUF 18 Finale results: Julianna Pena pounds out Jessica Rakozcy to win TUF 18

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In the women's TUF 18 final, Julianna Pena dominated Jessica Rakoczy and finished the fight by TKO late in the first round.

The women's TUF 18 final between Julianna Pena and Jessica Rakozcy was pretty lopsided. Pena, the firm favorite going in, took the fight to the ground and beat the tar out of her opponent there for most of the round. It seemed like Rakoczy might make it out of the round even though she was stuck under Pena and eating shots, but it was not to be. The bout was stopped at 4:59 of the first.

Pena immediately clinched up and took Rakoczy down but she pushed off and got back up. After some clinching against the cage Pena hit a nice trip takedown in the middle of the cage. She landed a couple of punches, backed out, and jumped into side. Pena moved quickly to mount and pounded away with punches and elbows.Pena turned up the pace and just batterer Rakoczy with GnP until Mario Yamasaki had no choice to step in right at the end of the round.

With the win, Pena is the TUF 18 champion and won a six-figure contract along with a Harley Davidson motorcycle.