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UFC 167: GSP tweets his clean results from WADA Olympic-style drug testing

UFC Welterweight champion tweeted out scans of letters from VADA showing that he has passed their rigorous random drug testing program in advance of his UFC 167 title bout with Johny Hendricks.


Well you can't say that Georges St-Pierre doesn't follow through.

The UFC Welterweight champ said he would submit himself to drug testing by Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) and he did it. His opponent Johny Hendricks also promised to undergo the rigorous testing but he did not.

Here's the letter that GSP posted on Twitter:

Here's a bigger copy of the letter:


St-Pierre will still have to pass the tests conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (as will Hendricks) but this is certainly an impressive feat for a fighter.

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