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Tim Kennedy after UFC Fight for the Troops victory: 'I tore my quad coming into this camp'

Tim Kennedy says that he tore his quad ahead of his victory at UFC Fight for the Troops 3 but he had no intention of letting that stop him from fighting on the card.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Following the main event of last night's UFC Fight Night 31: Fight for the Troops 3, one had the sense that the fight might go down as Tim Kennedy's favorite career moment. The combination of scoring a crushing KO -- something relatively foreign to Kennedy's career -- and doing it in front of military service members was clearly special to Kennedy as he gushed in the cage after the victory.

Following the fight, Kennedy revealed a bit of surprising news. He'd scored the win with a torn quadriceps muscle (via MMA Fighting):

"I tore my quad coming into this camp," Kennedy told the media at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. "The very last week of fight camp, just a stupid thing happened. A lady walked over the track and it was either run over a 65 year-old lady - probably kill her - or try to decelerate in about two meters. I chose to decelerate and just fell to the ground, grabbing my leg screaming not great words."


"If they had to roll me into the cage to fight Natal, I would've fought him," Kennedy continued. "In the cage, once they hoisted me up and lifted me into the cage, Natal would've had to shoot me and bludgeon me to death until I quit.

"I'm too dumb to care."

Kennedy is now on a three fight win streak since losing his Strikeforce title to Luke Rockhold and has won both of his UFC bouts.