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UFC won't cut Robert Drysdale despite failed drug test

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BJJ star Robert Drysdale will get another chance to make his debut in the Octagon despite failing a urine test for elevated testosterone levels.


It's been a long and winding road to the Octagon for BJJ star and ADCC world champion Robert Drysdale. First he was set to compete in The Ultimate Fighter back in 2009 but health issues precluded that. Then after racking up a 6-0 pro MMA record on the regional circuit he finally signed with the UFC and was set to make his Octagon debut at UFC 163 in August of this year.

Unfortunately he had to pull out of that fight with an injury. Drysdale was next set to debut at UFC 167 against Cody Donovan. That didn't work out when he failed a Nevada State Athletic Commission urine test with an extremely elevated testosterone to epitestosterone ratio of 19.4:1. For comparison Alistair Overeem tested at 14:1 when he failed his test.

Now MMA Junkie is reporting that the UFC will be giving Drysdale another chance to compete:

A UFC representative today told that the decorated jiu-jitsu player will one day compete inside the octagon.

"Obviously, Robert needs to establish that he is medically fit to participate and apply for the appropriate licensure," the rep wrote in a prepared statement. "Assuming he is able to do this, he will fight for the organization at some point in the future."

In July Drysdale submitted paperwork to the NSAC for permission to undergo testosterone-replacement therapy. His application included a letter from a doctor who stated the grappler turned fighter was receiving weekly injections of testosterone.

Despite his application, which was submitted less than a month prior to his first scheduled debut at UFC 163, Drysdale was not approved for an exemption, according to the commission. A reported staph infection prompted the UFC to pull him from a bout opposite Ednaldo Oliveira at the Aug. 3 event.

What do you think? Should the UFC have cut Drysdale?

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