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Bellator 106 results: Kid Nate's bathrobe review

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Kid Nate looks back at every fight on the Bellator 106 televised card and offers his review and analysis including Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler 2, Emanuel Newton vs. King Mo 2, Daniel Straus vs. Pat Curran and more.

In which I offer my post-fight review and analysis of the main card of Bellator 106.

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Topics covered include:

  • The nifty opener between Mike Richman vs Akop Stepanyan
  • Joe Riggs long career and the ironic outcome of Fight Master's search for talent
  • Kid Nate's call for more MMA celebrity coaching
  • The damage done by Daniel Straus' big upset of Pat Curran
  • The even bigger damage done by King Mo's second loss to Emanuel Newton
  • The incredible war between Eddie Alvarez & Michael Chandler
  • Some breathless sky-is-falling hand-wringing about Bellator's future prospects
  • One thing I didn't say in the video but do want to mention is the fact that a pair of wars like Alvarez vs Chandler 1 & 2 will take years off the careers of both men.


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