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Watch Standout Fighting Tournament 2 Live on Bloody Elbow

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Live from Brazil is Standout Fighting Tournament featuring Luiz Cane and Carina Damm. LIVE NOW.

Another Regional fight card takes place today, this time from Brazil, and once again it's on right now on Bloody Elbow, live and streaming. The card features former Light Heavyweight UFC prospect Luiz Cane facing Fabio Silva, and much maligned Carina Damm facing Daiane Firmino, along with a host of regional fighters. Check out all the action right now.

Main card:
Luiz Cane vs. Fabio Silva
Edson Franca vs. Joao Isidoro
Diogo Cavalcanti vs. Paulo Silva
Allan Nascimento vs. Alex Silva
Carina Damm vs. Daiane Firmino

Marcos Rodrigues dos Santos vs. Neliton Furtado
Claudio Godoy vs. Marcio Teles
Cemir Alves vs. Serginho Vieira
Walter Bruce vs. Allan Popeye