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UPDATED: Jake Ellenberger injured, confirmed to be out of UFC Fight Night 34 main event

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A report out of Brazil states that UFC Fight Night 34 headliner Jake Ellenberger is hurt and might have to withdraw from his bout with Tarec Saffiedine. A further report from MMA Fighting confirms his removal from the card.

Suhaimi Abdullah

According to a report out of Brazil, the main event for UFC Fight Night 34 in Singapore on January 4th could be in trouble. Globo states that welterweight Jake Ellenberger suffered an injury in training late on Tuesday and might be out of his headlining bout with Tarec Saffiedine.The two men had been heavily been promoting the fight in Asia leading up to the holidays, so this would be a big blow to the card.

The report states that Ellenberger's injury was suffered at King's MMA and that the normal recovery time is a month. That would "probably" remove him from the bout since it's just over five weeks away.

The card only has one other welterweight fight at this point, which features Hyun Gyu Lim against Kiichi Kunimoto. Neither of those men seem suited to be bumped into a main event, so the UFC might have to find someone from outside the card.

In any event, it's only a report at this point and neither Ellenberger nor the UFC have commented as of yet. We'll let you know more as the situation develops.

UPDATE AT 2:05pm ET: According to Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting, Ellenberger is indeed out of the bout and off the card due to the injury:

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion was set to headline UFC’s first trip to Singapore on Jan. 4 against Jake Ellenberger, but "Sponge" is currently waiting for a new opponent as learned from multiple sources close to the situation that "The Juggernaut" is out of the card with an injury.

According to the sources, the UFC is currently seeking for a replacement for the main event, but it hasn’t officially announced the injury yet.