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Bellator 106 free live stream, results, play-by-play and live discussion

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Join Bloody Elbow for Bellator 106: Chandler vs Alvarez 2. Watch the free prelims stream right here and then join Dallas Winston for play-by-play, live blog, discussion and complete results.

Join Bloody Elbow's Dallas Winston for Bellator 106: Chandler vs. Alvarez 2 live on Spike TV from Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California. The headliner pits Lightweight champ Michael Chandler against the man from whom he took the belt, Eddie Alvarez.

The card also features Featherweight champ Pat Curran in a title defense against Daniel Straus, Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton, Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis and Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan.

The main card kicks off at 9 p.m. ET. Starting at 7 p.m. ET we'll be streaming the undercard courtesy of


Hi. This is Dallas, i.e. your captain for the flight. Descending below are the Bellator 106 fight results in reverse chronological order.

Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez -- Bellator Lightweight Championship

R1: Chandler slices in a jab. Chandler's left hook whiffs. Quick right hand lands for Alvarez. Left body kick from Chandler; Alvarez lands a jab and changes levels for a single leg but Chandler slips free. Another jab from Alvarez, who then smiles and waves Chandler in.

Chandler now lunging in with punches like in their first match. Aggressive body kick from Chandler. Alvarez using good lateral motion and angles. Alvarez snaps Chandler's head back with a jab. Chandler answers then throws a wild left hook. Chandler locks horns, slips to Alvarez's back and locks in a choke that looks tight. Eddie twists his head to breathe and eventually slips his head free. I had Alvarez by a close margin on the feet until that sub attempt. 10-9 Chandler.

R2: Stiff jab from Chandler. Two big right hands from Chandler as Alvarez answers with one of his own. Chandler walking Alvarez down and cutting off the cage, forcing him to stay busy with movement. Clean jab by Alvarez. Alvarez doubles up on his jab and then stuffs a takedown attempt. More jabs from Alvarez. Chandler throws a body kick and transitions to a body lock takedown, then hits another with the waist lock.

Chandler stays connected while Alvarez fires short elbows to the head on one knee. Alvarez stands up and circles out, then pings a nice one-two that lands with dual thuds. Chandler's eye is looking swollen and bloody, but he manages a late takedown. 10-9 Alvarez.

R3: Alvarez counters Chandler's kick with a blistering flurry. Alvarez stuffs a takedown and snaps a clean jab. Chandler is looking rough with swelling and damage to both eyes. Chandler shoots again but can't get it. Chandler lazily pursues a single leg that's easily defended -- the champ might be losing some steam here. Another sloppy shot from Chandler.

Alvarez lands a double jab and then slips to the rear waist lock. Chandler is definitely gassing and now has a bloody nose to match both eyes. He digs deep and half-secures a takedown but ends up holding Alvarez on the fence and willing his way into a takedown with 20-seconds left. 10-9 Alvarez.

R4: The cage-side doc gives a quick look at Chandler's left eye, which is nearly swollen shut. The round begins with a role reversal, as Alvarez is walking Chandler into a corner. Chandler explodes into a leaping knee that clips Alvarez on the chin and dazes him. Eddie staggers backwards and Chandler pounces with a double leg, putting Alvarez flat on his back for the first time.

Alvarez is soaked with blood from Chandler. Chandler postures up and rains down some serious punches and elbows. Chandler just pounding away with right hands. Alvarez stays flat on his back and tries to return fire from there, but Chandler is relentless with control and legit ground-and-pound. 10-8 Chandler for dazing Alvarez and then dominating him for the rest of the round.

R5: Chandler tries a duck-under double leg. Both men are moving slower in the final round. Chandler gets inside on a takedown and again takes the back of Alvarez and works a neck crank. Eddie spins out and stands back up, sneaking around to the rear waist lock. Chandler rolls out but Alvarez stays on him. Chandler escapes. Both men are exhausted and fighting on heart alone, but still getting after it.

Alvarez Eddie takes Chandler's back on a scramble and locks up a rear-naked choke. Chandler hand-fights it off and Alvarez resets and cinches on another that's tighter. Chandler slips out again, then spins quickly into Alvarez's guard. Alvarez fights back to his feet but Chandler powers him back down. Wow. Another amazing fight and display of heart by both competitors. 10-10. I have it 48-47 for Chandler.

  • Eddie Alvarez defeats Michael Chandler by split decision (47-48, 48-47 x 2)

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton -- Bellator Light Heavyweight Interim Championship

R1: Mo comes out crouched and apparently not interested in playing the distance game. He shoots with no set up and Newton stops it initially, but Mo gathers his legs together and dumps him. Newton takes a knee and stands back up. Mo looks for the standing seat belt and goes back to a double leg when Newton hand-fights it off. Mo hooks his left arm into Newton's behind his back and hammers home a series of heavy rights.

We pause briefly for an accidental low blow to Lawal but action resumes quickly. Mo ducks under Newton's spinning back fist and finally puts him on his back. Newton scoots to the fence but eats a knee to the sternum as he stands back up. Newton throws a pair of heavy combinations followed by a body kick. Mo drops his hands a little and plays a little as the round closes. 10-9 Lawal.

R2: Mo lands a clean left. Newton sits down on some beefy right hands. Mo clinches up and lifts Newton by switching to a high-crotch takedown. Newton is right back up again, and closes a combination with a left roundhouse kick that connects and wobbles Lawal for a moment. Mo seems to recover and lands a short shovel punch on the move. Newton whiffs with a spinning roundhouse kick.

Mo stays planted and dangerously leans in for a right that lands downstairs, but Newton lands two simultaneously. Newton slams a right hand in and Mo blocks it but feels the strong impact. 10-9 Newton for the more effective striking.

R3: Newton corkscrews a right hand over Mo's guard. Mo goes downstairs with a left. Newton throws an odd, hopping low kick that lands. Body kick from Newton, who switches stances and throws another spinning kick. Mo comes in hard with big leather and Newton plants and returns fire. Leaping left hook to the body from Mo -- a risky choice. Another lead left downstairs from Mo.

Newton lands his left kick to the body and switches to southpaw, then back to orthodox with another left body kick. Newton goes southpaw and lands a front-leg side kick, then changes stances and throws a spinning roundhouse to the body. Mo shoots a semi-telegraphed takedown and can't get it despite his efforts, and heaves a right hand on the break that almost seemed out of frustration. 10-9 Newton.

R4: Newton clips Mo with a clean left kick to the breadbasket. Newton lets his hands go and closes it with a spinning kick. Newton throws a front-leg side kick and lands with another spinning kick low. Mo ducks the next high kick and smiles, but Newton is dictating the pace with his creativity here. Mo uncorks a big flurry that backs Newton up, but he opts to disengage and reset.

He shoots a takedown that Newton fends off well, then shoots another with the same result. Newton is just unreeling kick after kick in variety. Mo connects and gets him down, but Newton goes two-on-one to stand up again. Mo's jab is nearly countered by another high kick that whizzes by. Newton peppering Lawal with a steady stream of kicks. 10-9 Newton.

R5: More side and spinning kicks from Newton but Mo sticks a heavy left in his grill. Big overhand just misses from Newton. Mo clocks Newton with a tight-range hook; his best shot of the night. Mo ducks under Newton's spinning kick and grabs a single but Newton's balance is strong and he stays upright. Newton might be getting a little predictable with his kicking combinations now.

Mo steps in with double right hands and lands one flush. Mo explodes in with more heavy rights. Newton heaving a big overhand right and finishing with a left high kick. Mo drives in for a single leg and gets it with some work; Newton uses wrist control to stand up again. Newton shoots at the bell. 10-9 Lawal for the bigger and better shots. I have it 48-47 for Newton.

  • Emanuel Newton defeats Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal by unanimous decision (49-46 x 3)

Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus -- Bellator Featherweight Championship

R1: They trade briefly until Straus explodes for a deep takedown. Curran is his usual feisty self and frees his legs to cagewalk back up quickly after. Curran's outside low kick is answered with a leaping body kick and a crisp right-left from Straus. The hollow pop of an assailed cup rings out and we pause for an accidental kick below Straus' belt. They touch gloves, reset and turn up the heat: they collide with mutual combinations in consecutive exchanges, and Straus clinches up again but can't find his last two takedown attempts.

Straus lands a straight left on the way in and drops for a double leg, but this time picks Curran's ankle to get him down. Curran is right back up and Straus slips into the rear waist lock; Curran spins out of it but is being held on the cage. A nice pressure-release elbow from Curran on the clinch break, and the pair both stay busy with their hands. Gotta go 10-9 Straus by a very close margin.

R2: Straus changes levels but Curran stuffs it and lands a stiff knee to the body, then counters Straus with a left hook. Straus slows his pace with consecutive straight and fast one-two's. Straus grabs a little momentum back with low kicks and more straight one-two's, but Curran backs him off with another counter left hook. Straus now stepping in with jab-hooks and nasty intentions.

Knee to the body from Straus on a quick clinch. Curran's combo is countered with a sturdy outside low kick from Straus. Curran Consecutive right high kicks from Curran are blocked. Straus comes in wild and now it's Curran who clinches up and again heaves a short horizontal elbow on the break. Straus heaves a three-punch combo and a high kick to close the round. Another tight 10-9 for Straus, who seemed to land the harder and more momentous flurries.

R3: Straus goes airborne with a flying knee and follows with a streaking high kick. Straus presses again and clinches Curran on the fence. They stalemate in the position with not much action other than some short knees to the thigh from Straus. Curran battles for underhooks and tries to angle out but Straus hits a killer hip toss. Curran squirts out again and counters Straus' hip toss attempt with the whizzer, then shellacks Straus with a huge knee when he still had one knee down. Referee Jason Herzog takes a point even though it was unintentional, which is the right call. Curran doesn't protest.

Straus gets back to work with a takedown, this time keeping Curran down and knifing into side mount. Curran rolls out and regains a full, closed guard. Curran opens his guard and goes for a triangle at the bell that would've resulted in a Straus guard pass. 10-8 Straus when factoring in the point deduction.

R4: Curran comes out hot with a jump knee and big left-right medleys. Straus clinches up to stifle Curran's barrage and slow down the pace. Straus gets Curran down for a second, slips around to the rear waist lock and hits a belly-to-back takedown.

Curran is back up and trying to break loose of the rear waist cinch but Straus is firmly adhered. Straus ends up on top after a scramble and Curran commits to a guillotine but it's looking too slippery. Straus pops his head out and commences with ground and pound, then steps over with a top-side guillotine of his own, then switches to a front choke as the bell sounds. 10-9 Straus.

R5: Nice right hook/left straight combo from Straus. Curran fighting too tentative for a guy who desperately needs a finish. Curran goes downstairs and then up with a rights and lefts. Flying knee from Straus. Straus clocks Curran with a huge left hook that looks to stun him -- Straus pounces but Curran regains his wits quickly.

Straus boldly gives his corner the thumbs-up at the two-minute mark while holding Curran on the fence. Short lefts from Straus. Curran circles off the fence but has to stay busy countering another hip toss from Straus. Curran pushes Straus on the fence; a perplexing strategy for the champ with 30-seconds left. Straus hits a takedown late and closes the fight throwing punches from the top. 10-9 Straus for a 50-44 on my card.

  • Daniel Straus defeats Pat Curran by unanimous decision (49-45, 48-46 x 2)

Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs -- Fight Master Welterweight Final

R1: Bronzoulis fires left and right low kicks, then a right high kick. Bronzoulis brilliantly doubles up low kicks with one outside and another inside. Straight front kick from Bronzoulis, which seems to ignite a follow up combo from Riggs. Another outside low kick from Bronzoulis. Lead left hook from "The Greek," who's getting off early and often. Riggs throws a counter-combo on the next low kick and it backs Bronzoulis up, then seems to land a stiff left uppercut that wobbles Bronzoulis.

Bronzoulis doubles up his kicks again and they clinch up with Riggs hitting an outside trip from the body lock. Riggs postures up with some mean punches and elbows. Bronzoulis doesn't like it and tries to get back to his feet, which allows Riggs to hop onto his back. Bronzoulis hand-fights the choke to get out of trouble, then spins into a single leg on the fence. Riggs stuffs it easily and ends up throwing knees to the shoulder from the front headlock. Riggs gets a warning for shots to the back of the head. 10-9 Riggs.

R2: Riggs wastes little time in clinching up and nailing the same outside trip from body lock. Bronzoulis scurries back to his feet and Riggs somehow incurs a cut over his right eye. They separate and Bronzoulis gets the better of their first open-space exchange of the round. Riggs clinches again but can't keep Bronzoulis on the fence.

Bronzoulis gets aggressive with a combo but Riggs goes back to his bread and butter with another identical trip from the clinch. Riggs ends up latching onto Bronzoulis's back again as he countered the guard pass and puts both hooks in the seated position against the fence. Bronzoulis throws a back elbow and then spins underneath Riggs to detach him and ends up in Riggs' guard. Riggs gets wrist control, attempts a triangle and then bangs an elbow off Bronzoulis's head when he doesn't get it. 10-9 Riggs.

R3: Bronzoulis charges with a flurry and Riggs connects with a retreating counter hook. Bronzoulis re-engages and Riggs gets him with a double-leg, then takes Bronzoulis's back almost instantly. Riggs gets both hooks in, then cinches on a body triangle to set Bronzoulis in place. Riggs leaning back on the fence while working for the choke. Bronzoulis takes the risk and uses both hands to break the body triangle, wisely rolling onto his right hip to protect his exposed neck.

Riggs stays with the back-ride with both hooks in, then jumps on Bronzoulis' back when he stands up. Riggs is glued to Bronzoulis and content to close the round on his back. Bronzoulis finally escapes but he's too late. 10-9 Riggs for a 30-27 sweep on my card.

  • Joe Riggs defeats Mike Bronzoulis by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan -- Featherweight feature fight

R1: Referee Herb Dean holds down our first scrap. Stepanyan allows Richman to settle in at toe-to-toe range and he eats a few glancing shots because of it. Richman patiently flinging tight combinations and probing with a right jab as a southpaw. Stepanyan catches Richman with a winging right hook. Richman stalking and not landing anything big, but scoring moderately at a steady pace. Stepanyan is bleeding from a cut by his eye.

Stepanyan's spinning back fist is blocked. Stepanyan opting to trade hands in the pocket rather than use his rangy kicks. The Russian shows why he's confident by unloading a nasty combination that gets Richman's attention. Stepanyan gets on the trigger with more ill-intended counter punches, then plasters Richman with a straight right to the jaw. "The Sniper" goes in for the kill but Richman uncorks a vicious left hand out of nowhere, then goes all Kazushi Sakuraba by pouncing with a double axe-handle strike that lands square (seriously). The ref jumps in and Stepanyan offers a slight protest.

  • Mike Richman defeats Akop Stepanyan by TKO (overhand left/double axe-handle strike), Round 1