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Joe Rogan calls for UFC champ GSP to retire

UFC announcer Joe Rogan told Opie and Anthony that champion Georges St-Pierre should retire and Johny Hendricks should get the belt.


UFC commentator Joe Rogan was on the Opie and Anthony Show following UFC 167 and he dropped some bombshells about Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks, head injuries and retirement.

Here's what he had to say via MMA Fighting:

"I think Georges should retire," said Rogan. "One of the reasons I think Georges should retire is he was on my podcast and he was talking about being abducted by aliens. I was going, 'you think you've been abducted by aliens?' He starts talking about missing time. He started talking about driving his car and all of a sudden he's at home and he has no idea [how] he got there. I think it's head kicks.

"That fight he had some serious memory loss (at UFC 167). I think he's taken too many shots. An interesting statistic is that Georges has taken more punches and kicks in the last three fights than any of his fights, ever. In fact, 50% of the shots he's taken his entire career were in the last three fights. I think he should get out. I know the UFC probably doesn't want to hear me say that. I know that could be a huge rematch.

"I think they should just give Johny Hendricks the belt. I think Johny Hendricks won that fight. I think there's real problems with judging and I don't think there should be a way for a guy to win a fight, but yet lose a fight."

Rogan is making a good point about the head injuries and the dramatic increase in damage that GSP has been taking over the course of his last few fights.

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