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UFC 167 results: Georges St-Pierre edges out a split decision win over Johny Hendricks

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre successfully defended his title by edging out a close and controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

The main event of UFC 167 was billed as Georges St-Pierre's skill vs. Johny Hendricks' power. Both came into play, but Hendricks proved to be a game opponent over five full rounds. He hurt the champ in round two and had him reeling, but GSP persevered and turned it on over the later rounds. It was an even fight, but it had mostly decisive rounds. Until the decision came, that is - St-Pierre won a split decision with scores of 48-47, 47-48, and 48-47. It seemed to me like Hendricks had clearly won three rounds, but two judges saw it differently.

GSP came out lively, with a kick and left. Hendricks charged at him with a punch which GSP ducked and took him down. Hendricks came up quick but was briefly in a guillotine. They clinched up with both men landing knees. Hendricks landed a few punches while GSP held onto his leg, looking for a single. Hendricks scored with some knees to he side of the head. Hendricks scored a takedown against the cage, but GSP got up quickly. Hendricks with a knee, GSP with a high kick. Both men landed leg kicks and left hooks.

GSP stepped up his tempo early in round two with jabs and kicks. Hendricks hurt him with a left though and had GSP on chicken legs. He tried to press it but GSP tied him up. He was definitely hurt though. St-Pierre came back with a good left hook and jab. They exchanged hooks, but it was Hendricks with the harder shot. GSP landed a head kick that made Hendricks roll his eyes for some reason. They clinched their way to the end of the round.

St-Pierre landed a hard inside leg kick in round three but Hendricks responded with a knee. Hendricks was tryring to work his jab as his pace slowed a bit. GSP started to connect more with hooks and straight rights. Hendricks scored with the occasional left but GSP was landing more overall and was starting to work his combinations quite well. Hendricks looked for a takedown and got it with 30 seconds left in the round. GSP got up within 15 seconds.

The fourth round started with a kick from GSP that was close to the belt line but deemed legal. Hendricks continued with the jab, and he found himself on top when GSP slipped. Hendricks worked his ground and pound for a bit and Hendricks let him up. GSP had a lot of blood coming from his face. Hendricks battered GSP with three straight left hooks. St-Pierre looked for a takedown to even it up but Hendricks wasn't having any of that. They clinched up for the rest of the round with Hendricks throwing knees at GSP's thigh.

The fifth and final round began with GSP pressuring. He threw some kicks and scooped a single leg, but Hendricks was able to fight him off and land punches on one leg while doing it. Both men looked for kimuras, which was kind of weird. GSP threw some hard kicks and got a takedown against the cage. Hendricks spun around and GSP just held onto him with a front headlock. They engaged in a long clinch war until the ref separated them. GSP scored with a straight right and looked for another takedown. It took a while, but he briefly got him to the floor. Hendricks came right back up though and they clinched. GSP looked for a kimura late but there wasn't anything there.

After the bout, GSP said he needed to step away from the sport for a while, but wasn't committing to retirement. Hendricks said that he thought he clearly won and wanted a rematch.