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UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks full fight video highlights online

Take a look at how the Welterweight championship main event went down in Las Vegas, NV.

UFC 167 is now in the books. In the main event, Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre looked to extend his number of title defenses to 9 against Johny Hendricks. It appears for all the world that we were going to have a new champion after five rounds, but two judges disagreed and GSP was granted a controversial split decision victory. Check out the video highlights above, or read BE editor Brent Brookhouse's description of the final round below.

Round 5 -GSP with a left hand. GSP getting in looking for a takedown. GSP holding on to a single and Hendricks not going down. GSP has to give up on it. Big right by GSP and he scores the takedown. He's on top with three minutes left. Hendricks tries to stand up though. Hendricks stands back up though. GSP getting inside looking for the takedown again. GSP finishes the takedown but Hendricks stands back up. 10-9 GSP but it's 48-47 Hendricks in my eyes.

Official scorecards: 48-47 Hendricks, 48-47 GSP, 48-47 GSP. Georges St. Pierre wins by split decision.