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Product review: UFC Ultimate Fight Collection '13 remains one of the best holiday season gifts for the MMA fan

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A quick holiday review for the latest edition of the UFC's Ultimate Fight Collection, featuring more than 200 fights from July 2012 to June 2013.

It used to be that being an MMA fan meant collecting events and fights through the wild west internet method of tape trading. Easier access to more fights through television and the internet has changed the game. While plenty of fans don't always choose the most legal of options for collecting fights, there is no shortage of ways to build a massive library.

But one of the real treats of the last few years has been the annual releas of the UFC's Ultimate Fight Collections. The most recent edition dropped into stores earlier this month and covers all the UFC event sfrom July 2012 to June 2013.

The same 20 disc format returns, with one or two events featured on each disc.

For those familiar from the past few years, there's not a lot changed.

The set features the best fights from each event, which is to say that the one big negative for some will be that rarely do you have a complete event, and in some cases you have very few fights from a card.

For example, the UFC on Fuel event that was headlined by Renan Barao and Michael McDonald only has four fights on the set, sharing the disc with five fights from UFC 156.

But that's a very minor complaint given that the set features more than 200 fights in total with a list price of just under $135 (however, savvy shoppers can get it at Amazon currently for $80).

I've recommended the set for years now as the perfect gift for any fight fan who would want to relive a year's worth of the best fights the UFC had to offer.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days as we will be giving away a copy of the set.


Disclaimer: Anchor Bay provided with a copy of the product for review.