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UFC Fight Night 29 results: Thiago Silva decisions Matt Hamill in ugly fight

In a UFC Fight Night 29 light heavyweight bout, Thiago Silva took a lackluster unanimous decision win over a completely gassed Matt Hamill.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Thiago Silva missed weight the day before his UFC Fight Night 29 bout with Matt Hamill, and it showed in the cage. But it was Hamill who gassed even worse than the Brazilian fighter. Both of them lost a lot of steam after a decent first round, and Silva managed to keep up enough of a pace to win the next two rounds. The fight could easily have been stopped late - not because of any serious shots from Silva, but because Hamill could barely stand. The judges had it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-27.

Hamill opened with aggression, throwing leg kicks and hooks. He hit a quick trip but couldn't get on top. Hamill scored with a kick but Silva landed a big right that backed him up. They exchanged body punches. Silva was already breathing heavily by the four minute mark. They continued to exchange single shots, with Silva probably getting a slight advantage.

Hamill scored a big leg kick early in round two that actually sent Silva to the mat briefly. Hamill even went for a spinning elbow. Hamill got a brief takedown but Silva got up and landed a right hook. Silva finally connected with two big shots and sent Hamill to the mat. He took his back, but Hamill got back up. He seemed pretty done though, and was eating a lot of shots. He stayed in it though by grabbing a body lock and taking the back late.

Hamill had a takedown stuffed early in the final round and Silva ended up on his back. Silva backed off, but was just shucking off Hamill's takedown attempts like they were nothing. Because they were nothing. Silva got poked in the eye, but said he was good to go with three minutes left in the fight. He began to attack with leg kicks, but Hamill scored with an uppercut. Silva attacked with knees and punches. Hamill had absolutely nothing but made it to the horn.

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