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UFC Welterweight Matt Brown says President Barack Obama has 'no clue' and 'no empathy' for US troops

When asked about US troops no longer being able to broadcast NFL games, Brown spoke out against the decision and had harsh words for the President.

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If you keep up with current events at all (and most likely even if you don't) you'll know that last week the US government 'shut down' after congress was unable to approve a budget for 2014. The news has resonated heavily throughout the US with strong opinions from all ends of the political spectrum. The shutdown prohibits the government from appropriating any non-essential funds including employee salaries and many other areas.

UFC Welterweight Matt Brown had some very strong words for the government and President Barack Obama when asked by Young Conservatives about the decision not to air NFL games to overseas troops. I'll let Brown's statement speak for itself here:

I have the highest respect for our soldiers and wish all the best for them. Apparently, Obama thinks differently. Our soldiers should be treated with respect and should not be subject to the downfalls of the American political system. It’s very disheartening to hear that our soldiers are suffering even more than usual because our politicians can not agree on anything. The last people that should suffer is them. Again, Obama thinks differently. I wish the troops the best and hope I can make a difference in getting some entertainment back to them.

I would tell the president that he needs a reality check. He should go serve for a year in the Middle East and see firsthand what it is like to be there. Obviously, he has no clue and no empathy for these men and women.

Brown is currently on a career high six-fight win streak capped off by a first round KO win over Mike Pyle at UFC Fight Night 26 in August. That incredible run earned him the BE Fighter of the Year award in 2012 and a chance to fight former UFC Welterweight interim champion Carlos Condit at UFC on Fox 9.

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