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Krzysztof Jotko vs. Bruno Santos set for UFC Fight Night 33

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Two debuting middleweight fighters will face off at UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane on December 7th.

Two of the UFC's newly-signed middleweights will meet in their respective debuts at UFC Fight Night 33 in Australia in December. Polish fighter Krzysztof Jotko will face off with Brazilian Bruno Santos. The bout was recently confirmed by Jotko's representatives at RAW Sports Entertainment, who released a statement regarding it. Bloody Elbow reported the signings of Jotko and Santos last month.

The 24-year-old Jotko (13-0) has picked up all his wins thus far on the European circuit, finishing six of those bouts. Here was Zane Simon's assessment of him in the signing article:

Watching him fight, his striking is awkward and low-powered, but rangy. He's got good size for middleweight at 6' 1" and at only 24 years old, plenty of time to develop in terms of skill and physique. He's definitely more comfortable on the ground and throws a decent left high kick to close distance on his low single attempts, but he'll need more varied wrestling and striking down the road.

Santos (13-0) hasn't fought since May of 2012 where he defeated Giva Santana in Bellator. He has only two finishes, and 11 wins by decision overall. Here's how Zane analyzed him:

He's built like a tank, but his striking is pretty basic and he doesn't appear to have much of a submission game, mostly he's a power grinder, similar to Ronny Markes. He's fairly young and a Nova Uniao product, however, so perhaps he'll improve with time and more seasoning. With wins over Daniel Acacio and Vitor Nobrega he's not untested (in fact his record is remarkably un-padded), so I don't expect him to be out of place in the UFC; I just wouldn't expect much in the way of excitement either.

The bout will take place on the preliminary card of the December 7th event in Brisbane. The show will be headlined by a heavyweight fight between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva.