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Roger Gracie responds to Royce Gracie's criticism of new generation of Gracie fighters

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Roger Gracie says that he was trying to work his jiu-jitsu against Tim Kennedy in his recent UFC bout, despite Royce Gracie's claims that the Gracie fighters need to go back to a "jiu-jitsu only" mentality.


Royce Gracie pinned recent struggles for the new generation of Gracie fighters on trying to compliment their jiu-jitsu game with other skillsets. Royce claimed that "jiu jitsu is enough," and that Roger Gracie should only work Gracie jiu-jitsu. His failings to do so led directly to his losing to Tim Kennedy in Royce's mind.

Roger recently responded to the Royce's criticisms, as reported by MMA Fighting:

"If you see my last fight," Roger Gracie told, "I only threw two punches in the whole fight."

The jiu-jitsu specialist landed 12 significant strikes against Kennedy, seven of them in the first round. He went for four takedowns during the bout, but was only able to take the fight to the mat in the opening round.

"If there’s something that I did do in that fight was jiu-jitsu, but I got tired and couldn’t do what I was planning to do," he said. "But that’s his opinion, right?"

Royce needs to come to grips with the fact that what worked for him, worked in an era with almost no complete fighters. Roger is swimming in waters where every top fighter works their striking and their wrestling and their jiu-jitsu. And, perhaps just as important, there are top camps and trainers who understand how to exploit weaknesses and how to train fighters to defend against a one dimensional attack.

Even the fighters who have success while only attacking in a limited variety of ways are training to defend against the attacks of others and counter them.

It's simply not the same game for Roger that it was for Royce.