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Renzo Gracie gives Dana White answer as to why he wants to fight again

46-year-old Gracie on exactly why he wants to fight for the first time since 2010.

Esther Lin for MMAFighting

When Renzo Gracie looks in the mirror, he doesn't see any wrinkles on his 46-year-old body. Is that reason enough for him to step back into the Octagon? He seems to think so.

Gracie recently appeared on The MMA Hour and told host Ariel Helwani that he was back to training, and expected to be in fighting shape within a few months. Once Gracie is in fighting shape, he said he had every intention of stepping inside the cage again and competing.

Gracie has not fought since losing to Matt Hughes via third round TKO at UFC 112.

During the UFC 168 press tour, UFC president Dana White was asked about his thoughts regarding a Gracie return to the Octagon. White responded:

I have to ask Renzo Gracie why. Renzo, you've been around forever, you've accomplished so many things. You have the respect of the entire combat world in every country. I just don't know why he wants to come back at his age and fight again.

White got his answer when Gracie told Helwani:

For having nothing to prove nor nothing to gain. To fight for what it is without reason, without greed, just for the passion to step once again in the arena and be an inspiration for a future generation of great fighters. To prove that age is only a handicap for the soft ones, and above all, because I love it.

Gracie (13-7-1-1) began his professional career in 1992. His fight with Hughes took place in 2010.

Oh, and about his age and the wrinkles that accompany the aging process? Gracie offered the following, "Last time I checked I didn't have wrinkles. Not even on my nut sack."

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