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Alexander Gustafsson's coach issues denial of camp changes, says Davis fight not happening

Following reports yesterday that top light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson would be moving his training camp to Sweden full-time and preparing for the possibility of fighting Phil Davis, his coach has issued a full denial.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

The waters of MMA politics are often muddy. Such has rapidly become the case with Alexander Gustafsson, who was reported just yesterday to be moving his training to Sweden full time, in part because of the possibility of fighting Phil Davis. Now, through Swedish MMA site, Gustafsson's head coach is denying the story out right, claiming that it was taken out of context and that parts were fabricated entirely by the media to "sell" the news.

Yesterday was interviewed on Swedish UFC fighter Alexander Gustafsson by the Times where it appeared that Alex was eager to have their next training camp in Sweden. This statement led to more sides speculated that the collaboration between Alex (and Allstars Gym) and Alliance MMA had ended. It was speculated also that the reason behind the "breakup" would have been a match between Alex and Phil Davis was in the offing.

All these rumors denied, however, by Alex's head coach Andreas Michael , who in an exclusive interview with says that the media only has Alex comments and interpreted it wrong in order to "sell" the news. Andreas says that the partnership between the Alliance and Alex / Allstar Fitness that it will continue cooperation for a long time to come. Thoughts on finishing the fine relationship that the two clubs have between them does not exist and has never existed.

Rumors of a bout between Davis and Alex is also not telling Andrew, it is just something the media created out of thin air. Alex and Davis will only meet in a possible title match, or if both get millions in salary for a match against each other, says Andreas. (translation via google)

I guess this just means that we'll have to wait until his next fight to find out what and where his camp is going to be. And it sounds like things could get interesting if the UFC has to hunt to get him an opponent as most of the top tier light heavyweights are currently booked.

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