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Mayhem Miller responds to Dana White, attempts to explain confrontation with Uriah Hall

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Former reality show host and UFC veteran Jason Miller took to Twitter to give his side of this weekend's confrontation with Uriah Hall.

By now most everyone has seen the video of Jason "Mayhem" Miller goading Ultimate Fighter finalist Uriah Hall into taking a swing at him at a regional MMA event and UFC president Dana White's response. There are two sides to every story and Mayhem has taken to Twitter to share his:

Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it.

It seems to me that I must play the "bad guy" insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me. Truth is, I'm full of love.

I have no hate for anyone based on race, and idgaf what u think anyway.

Miller's behavior since retiring from the UFC has been increasingly erratic including multiple arrests.

Hall is set to fight Chris Leben at UFC 168.