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Not guilty returned on most charges in Maldonado/Schultz rape case, sex abuse charges still being deliberated

The jury returned multiple not guilty verdicts in the rape trials of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz, but second degree sex abuse charges remain for both men.

Photo: Brad Shorr via Wikimedia Commons

Verdicts were returned for most of the charges in the Matthew Maldonado/Nicholas Schultz rape case. The two men, both male students of Lloyd Irvin, were charged with the rape of a female Irvin student on New Year's Eve.

The jury was deliberating since last Wednesday and today returned not guilty verdicts on most of the charges in the case.

According to the website, the charges that are still open are:

  • Nicholas Schultz - Charge #4: First Degree Sex Abuse- Force With Aggravating Circumstances. The charge that remains is a lesser included offense, misdemeanor sex abuse.
  • Nicholas Schultz - Charge #5: Second Degree Sex Abuse- Incompetent With Aggravating Circumstances.
  • Matthew Maldonado - Charge #5: Second Degree Sex Abuse- Incompetent With Aggravating Circumstances

Schultz was denied bond and remains in custody, whereas Maldonado was released on personal recognizance bond. To my understanding, this could be for any number of reasons. But the idea that one or both have been fully acquitted is incorrect as of now. If I've read correctly, second degree sex abuse charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years, so it is not a "minor" charge remaining for the two men.

The jury resumes deliberations on the remaining charges tomorrow morning.

Not having been at the trial at any point and not having actual insight into what is happening with the jury, that is about as detailed as I can go. I'd advise everyone to take a step back, wait for the rest of the verdicts and any information that is available.

Anyone saying that there is a hung jury or claiming to have insight into what is happening with the jury is almost certainly lying. Wait for facts, react only to facts, not hearsay.

We'll have updates as they become available.