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UFC: Rosi Sexton takes a shot at Joe Rogan via Facebook

UFC women's bantamweight fighter, Rosi Sexton takes a shot at Joe Rogan via her Facebook account, regarding the amount of damage she took following her fight with Jessica Andrade.


Following her unanimous decision loss to Jessica Andrade this past Saturday night at UFN 30, Rosi Sexton has been the subject of many conversations regarding fighter safety in the octagon. While many thought the fight went on too long, Rosie disagrees, and has taken to her social media accounts to reassure the naysayers that she is no worse for wear.

Her latest statement targets Joe Rogan, who was adamant during his commentary that the referee should have stepped in and stopped the fight. Here's what she had to say via her Facebook account:

48 hours post fight - I have 2 black eyes, otherwise I'm 100% fine. You could have given me an IQ test as I stepped out of the cage, and I'd still have scored higher than Joe Rogan.

You can view the comment here.