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Dana White believes Rosi Sexton vs. Jessica Andrade fight should've been stopped

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For the 2nd time in the space of a week, UFC president Dana White has voiced his thoughts on a fight he believed should've been stopped sooner.


The sole women's fight on the UFC Fight Night 30 card in Manchester saw young Brazilian Jessica Andrade thoroughly dominate England's Rosi Sexton for 15 minutes. Two judges scored the bout 30-26 (while judge Howard Hughes somehow scored it 30-27) for Andrade, who knocked Sexton down late in the 1st round and maintained a consistent level of damaging attacks throughout the fight. UFC commentator Joe Rogan wanted the fight to be stopped in the 2nd round, and at the end of the fight called it "one of the worst beatings in women's MMA history". I disagree with that statement, and it's not even in the ballpark of Cris Cyborg/Jan Finney, but there's no questioning it was a mauling.

This lopsided contest comes only one week after the debates over Junior dos Santos continuing to fight past round 3 against Cain Velasquez, Diego Sanchez being allowed to fight in the 3rd round against Gilbert Melendez (despite a horrible cut), and two weeks after Matt Hamill was barely capable of walking against Thiago Silva. What did Dana White think of the decision to let Andrade/Sexton go the distance? He sides with Rogan that it should've been called earlier: (via MMA Junkie)

"I agree 100 percent that fight should have been stopped," White said of Andrade's win, which took place on the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 30 at Phones4u Arena in Manchester, England - Sexton's home city. "It's a fight like that that made me not like women's MMA, actually. I saw a very one-sided, mismatched fight (previously)."

"It's one of those fights that looked good on paper, and then in reality it was a horrible, one-sided mismatch," he said. "And it should have been stopped. I said what we should do is bring the ref out in the hallway and let someone punch him in the face for 15 minutes, and nobody jump in to help him, just to see what it feels like."

FightMetric stats aren't available right now, but if you watched the fight unfold it was just a clear annihilation by Andrade. Sexton gamely fought back but otherwise spent much of her time against the cage absorbing an array of punches and kicks while offering little offense of her own.

I was fairly vocal about this on Twitter, and I'm in complete agreement that the fight should've been stopped, but I don't think this was really on the referee. This is yet another example of MMA cornermen not looking out for their fighter's safety and well-being. Sexton's corner did not even entertain the thought of ending the bout. Yes, "anything can happen in MMA", but that shouldn't be used as the primary counter-argument to prolonging a one-sided smashing. Sexton fought back, but the few strikes she actually landed had virtually no effect on Andrade, while any time Andrade came forward and started wailing away Sexton was covering up (unsuccessfully).

As evidenced in boxing time and time again, the minimum level of "(s)he's fighting back! Don't stop it now." is not, and should not be used as the sole reason to let a bludgeoning continue. Adonis Stevenson recorded no knockdowns against Tavoris Cloud, but Cloud's corner waved it off at the end of the 7th round when Cloud was clearly out of the fight and not providing them any reason to believe he could conjure up a miracle. The same applies to Floyd Mayweather Jr./Arturo Gatti -- not that Andrade/Sexton was near this type of massacre -- where Gatti, historically known for astonishing comebacks, was beaten pillar to post and trainer Buddy McGirt prevented Gatti from taking any more damage after round 5.

Other counter-arguments regarding Sexton/Andrade not being stopped include accusations that there would be fewer cries for a corner stoppage if this wasn't a women's MMA fight, the fact that Sexton had only been knocked down once and was intelligently defending herself, and the inclination that Sexton still had a chance to turn the fight around.

Do you agree with Dana White's opinion on Sexton/Andrade? And should MMA cornermen be more proactive in at least stopping fights in between rounds?

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