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Melvin Guillard says 'I used to drop Diego (Sanchez) all the time'

While doing an interview about his UFC Fight Night 30 bout with Ross Pearson, Melvin Guillard mentioned that he "used to drop" Diego Sanchez "all the time" in practice.

Oh Melvin.

When the UFC Lightweight did a video interview with British media outlet Fighter's Only he was asked about the UFC 166 Fight of the Night between Gilbert Melendez and his former Jackson's MMA teammate Diego Sanchez. Among his comments in the fight he casually mentioned, "I used to drop Diego Sanchez in practice all the time."

Apparently Melvin didn't care for that quote being chosen to headline the story and he quickly tweeted:

In fairness to Melvin, he says generally complimentary things about the Sanchez vs Melendez fight and has a number of nice things to say about his UFC Fight Night 30 opponent Ross Pearson. So I can kind of see his point about the most controversial thing he said being pushed as the headline, nevertheless, he said what he said and Fighter's Only is in business to get attention and sell advertising. It's not their fault if Melvin gives them a bombshell and they run with it.

Updated: It seems that Melvin's clarifying tweet came in response to these tweets from Diego Sanchez:

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