Heavy Hands Episode Five (Part Two Added!)


Part one of Heavy Hands this week brings back boxing trainer Luis Monda to discuss the results of Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez, and how Tim Bradley is becoming, like Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather, a master spoiler.

Luis also explains the differences between pure boxing and boxing for MMA, and the similarities.

Finally, a discussion of the "hard right hand" that Luis teaches, as requeste by listeners, including a harrowing tale of Connor hurting his shoulders because he's scared of the punching bag.

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Part Two comes out tomorrow, and I will add it to this post at that time. I'll be talking with BE's beloved T.P. Grant about the evolution of the guillotine in MMA. Lots of good stuff, so stay tuned! And thank you kindly for all your feedback.


Part two of this week's episode features Bloody Elbow writer T. P. Grant, a specialist in the grappling aspects of MMA. He and Connor discuss the evolution of the guillotine as a submission in MMA, from the last resort of a fighter with no takedown defense, to top position killer seen more and more by modern mixed martial artists.

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